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Abstracts which accompanied the ASOMAT submission to NHMRC

ADA Lies about the Richardson Report

Amalgam derived mercury in CNS

Amalgam Fillings / Periodontal Problems

Amalgams and Allergic Reactions

Amalgams and Oral Lichenoid Reactions

Analysis of the CCEHRP (USPHS 1993) Report


ASOMAT Recommendations  to NHMRC Working Party

ASOMAT response to the NHMRC Amalgam Review

ATSDR Minimum Risk Levels for mercury


Compilation of all RACP correspondence

Compilation of correspondance to NHMRC

Correspondence to ADA to present information about amalgam and Reply back

Critique by IAOMT - Sweden of the Report presented to the Commission and the Medical Devices Experts Group

Critique of Report from the EU Ad Hoc Working Group on dental amalgam

Critique of the Australian Dental Association's comments on their web site about amalgam

Dispersalloy DFU

Downloads - "ASOMAT-excerpts"

Downloads - "Rebuttal of CDA review"

Downloads - "Richardson report with graphs"

Downloads - "Richardson report WITHOUT graphs"

Executive summary  of Richardson report

Health Canada's castigation of Canadian Dental Association

Health Canada's recommendations concerning the use of dental amalgam

Introduction and Discussion

Facts about amalgam

Faroe islands study

Health of dentists

Links to other sites

Mark Richardson's Response to Eley Paper

Mercury and Breast Milk

Mercury usage in Canada (a critique of the expertise of  Canadian dental Academia)

Mercury usage in Canada (a critique of the members of the Canadian Dental Association's Panel )

Mercury and Alzheimer's Disease

NHMRC Amalgam Review Report, April 1999

Significance of Zeroes   (a response to misleading comments)

Symptoms of Mercury Exposure

Synergism of Mercury and Other Substances

Topic of interest

Toxicity of Mercury

Vimy letter to Swedish Medical Board

Who are they and what are they on about? A response by ASOMAT


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