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The following sites are highly recommended. If you have a page on a related subject, please contact us and it may be included in this listing


ACNEM (Australasian College of Natural and Environmental Medicine)

Affinity Labeling Technologies One of the best sites demonstrating research associated with Endotoxins, Root Therapies and Amalgam. Many links and abstracts of the research.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry  Main page

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry  Public Health Statement on mercury. This is official and an eye opener.

Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ
What is Amalgam-Related Illness? This is a huge site with links and excellent information.

American Dental Association
Welcome to ADA ONLINE, the American Dental Association's Internet site. Here you can read the official AmDA policy on amalgam. As you will see there are very few references supporting their claims of safety.

Bio-Compatible Dentistry
Australian site that provides information about bio-compatible dentisry.

Biological Effects of Mercury from amalgam

Publishers of the Bio Probe Newsletter, the official newsletter of IAOMT and ASOMAT. Also feature a very large selection of books on the potential health effects of dental mercury and other key books that are important to your Nutrition and Health. 

Dental mercury--a public health hazard
J.Pleva. A paper by one of the world's first researchers on this subject.

Environmental Protection Agency Home Page

Hal Huggins Home Page
Hal Huggins is the author of It's All In Your Head. It is said by many that Hal is the father of the current amalgam war. He has worked untiringly in the face of massive opposition to warn the public and the dental community of the dangers of amalgam and mercury. Hal is also the first person to produce a book of papers from Dr Weston Price about the dangers of Root Canal Therapy. Unfortunately the politics of the amalgam war have meant that Dr Huggins has not been awarded the credit he deserves.

Health Canada's Official position statement on dental amalgam can be downloaded from this site

IAOMT Home Page
The International Association of Oral Medicine And Toxicology. Was the first profesional association formed to investigate this issue. Has funded research and has been responsible for the promotion and distribution of the scientific research relating to amalgams and mercury. Is affiliated with a large number of organisations, including ASOMAT, with similar objectives.

IAOMT - Sweden   The Swedish chapter of IAOMT

Is Mercury Toxicity an Autoimmune Disorder? by Keith W. Sehnert, M.D., Gary Jacobson, D.D.S., Kip Sullivan, J.D

Maternal Fetal Distribution of Mercury from amalgam. by Murray Vimy et al

Medline  At this site you can access Medline for a fee, and use "Paperchase" to buy the articles.

Murray Vimy's Home Page
Murray Vimy, the Canadian World Health Organisation Consultant who was featured in the Panorama documentary (see above) has recently produced his own page, with summaries of his own and other research evidence, together with pointers to book/resources for people who want help in dealing with Amalgam removal. Also contains details of the new Canadian Health Authority decision to restrict Amalgam usage. Highly recommended!

Micromercurial Maze
Another beautifully presented page with masses of information and good links.

Preventive Dental Health Association
A non-profit educational corporation dedicated to providing public information and support

Scientific Response to the American Dental Association's Special Report and Statement of Confidence in Dental Amalgam by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Swedish Association For the Electrically and VDT injured

Toward ToothThousand
A great page especially for keeping up to date with what is happening in the world in relation to amalgam.

World Health Organisation

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